Month: November 2017

The “Forbidden Rice” Reserved For The Emperors: How To Cook The Black Rice

Although all rice originates from Asia, it has become such a common occurrence in every western kitchen that it has lost its exotic appeal. However, not all of the people know that there are thousands of rice varieties, some being rare even in the East.

We have also discovered black rice only recently but grew to love it at first sight. It not only looks exotic and mysterious but also tastes that way. You can eat it in many different ways- as a main dish, side dish or a dessert- but you will first have to learn how to cook the black rice properly!

Discover What Goes With Sweet Potatoes: Great Advice And Yummy Recipes!

Sweet potatoes are native to the US and we have consequently all tried them at some point in our lives. Some adore their taste and cannot get enough of this vegetable, while some remain reserved and are far from thrown aback by their flavor!

We have decided to try and win over this second group of people, as we know that sweet potatoes can be the most delicious food you have tried only when prepared well!

We will thus offer advice and suggestion that will let you know what goes well with sweet potatoes so that you can stop being indecisive and join our group – the sweet potato lovers!