Discover What Goes With Sweet Potatoes: Great Advice And Yummy Recipes!

Sweet potatoes are native to the US and we have consequently all tried them at some point in our lives. Some adore their taste and cannot get enough of this vegetable, while some remain reserved and are far from thrown aback by their flavor!

We have decided to try and win over this second group of people, as we know that sweet potatoes can be the most delicious food you have tried only when prepared well!

We will thus offer advice and suggestion that will let you know what goes well with sweet potatoes so that you can stop being indecisive and join our group – the sweet potato lovers!

A Little Bit About Sweet Potatoes

what goes with sweet potatoes

As we have already mentioned this root vegetable is native to the USA, or to be more precise the Southern states. Sweet potatoes have a long history since they have been cultivated from the 16th century. Nowadays, you can buy them in almost all the markets across the USA as they are very popular.

There are numerous varieties across the globe, but the two most often cultivated varieties are the yam (dark skinned) and the pale skinned one.

1. Pale variety – can be recognized by the yellow flesh. It has a similar taste and consistency like regular potatoes.

2. Dark variety – has a darker skin and bright orange flesh. When prepared, the inside of the dark sweet potato is soft and sweet to the taste.

Sweet potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, but unlike regular potatoes, they do not have too much starch and are thus considered a healthier alternative.

How To Buy The Best Sweet Potatoes

We advise you not to rush and opt for the biggest ones, but rather take time to consider a few important factors.

First of all, when it comes to size, you should choose the ones that are small or medium as they will taste better. Also, squeeze them with your hands a bit to check if they are firm- the soft ones are a bad choice! Inspect if they have cracks and bruises and if they do discard them as well.

In short, the best sweet potatoes are small, firm and have no cracks and bruises! This kind of potatoes will last longer and be more tasteful!

How To Store The Sweet Potatoes At Your Home

what goes with sweet potatoes

You will surely not prepare the sweet potatoes you bought right away, or at least not always. It is important to store them properly, or they will not stay good for a long time.

Namely, sweet potatoes are sensitive and need to be handled with care. Every crack and bruise will speed up their decay, so be careful not to “hurt” them while you transport them into your kitchen or store them away.

When deciding on a place where to store your sweet potatoes, make sure that you choose a dark place with no direct light. You should also opt for a cool and well-ventilated space.

Your refrigerator is a good choice, if you can spare enough space. If not, the temperature should not exceed 60 degrees F. if you store them in a space which is too warm they might dry and become woody or sprout- in both cases, you should not eat them.

When raw, sweet potatoes can last up to two weeks under suitable conditions. Once cooked sweet potatoes will be good to eat for about a week if you keep them refrigerated.

Why Are Sweet Potatoes Good For You?

what goes with sweet potatoes

As we have already suggested, sweet potatoes are healthier to eat than regular ones. Why is it so? Well, first of all, they are a good source of important micronutrients that help our body go through the everyday activities. These are:

1. Vitamin C – we all know how important vitamin C is for our immune system. We need it to stay healthy, but also to get well when we have already gotten sick. Vitamin C is not essential only for our body, but also for our psychological well-being.

If your iron levels are low, vitamin C can help you get it up to the normal levels by enhancing the absorption of iron from food or medicines. One bigger sweet potato can have about seventy percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamine C, which is double the amount of the regular potato of a similar size.

2. Manganese – we live in stressful times, and manganese prevents our cells being damaged by that burden. It also keeps our bones in check.

3. Potassium – it is not only beneficial for our nervous system but also fuels our muscles and helps keep the blood pressure in normal range.

4. Thiamin – it is a B group vitamin which keeps our nervous system functioning normally. It also supports the hard work our heart does every day.

How To Prepare The Best Sweet Potatoes Ever – Find Out What Goes With Sweet Potatoes And Create Magic In Your Kitchen!

what goes with sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are rather versatile; this means that you can serve them as an appetizer, eat them as a side or main dish, or as a dessert. They are a great alternative to regular potatoes in almost any dish, especially if you want to eat healthier food and stay fit as they have a lower carb content.

They can be prepared in numerous different ways too- you can bake, cook , steam, and fry them. They are excellent in combination with most of the meat, but can be a great pie topping as well.

Finally, we will answer the question what goes with sweet potatoes! Let us warn you ahead- that will be a thing of personal taste and preference! However, we have a few great suggestions that are hard to resist to and should definitely be given a try!

Our all-time favorite combination is the one with roasted chicken. We recommend that you bake your sweet potatoes the same way you bake the regular ones, with a little butter.

It is the simplest but also the most yummy way to do it! Many people complicate things with spices or syrups, but sweet potatoes are a treat on their own and do not really need anything to better their taste, quite oppositely!

You can combine them with country style pork ribs and season them with a bit of salt and black pepper- that is a great combination as well!

If you do not mind a few calories more, you can make yourself some sweet potato fries. It is a very trendy dish nowadays! To make your fries a bit healthier you can actually bake them in the oven!

We are not sure you can then call them fries, but we are positive that you will like the results! To do so, cut the potatoes and coat them in some olive oil. Next spread them on the baking sheet and season them to your liking (with salt and pepper, sweet paprika, rosemary).

Bake them for about 20 minutes and enjoy eating them- it is that simple! You can add some cheese too- it will surely make them even better!

If you have a sweet tooth, you can bake your potatoes and then top them with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon.

You can also top your baked potatoes with some toasted sesame seeds and real maple syrup and then return them into the oven to broil for a few minutes. We doubt that you will say “yuck” when you try these combinations!


We hope that we have persuaded you to try out some new combinations and maybe get to love the sweet potatoes as much as we do!

If you were sitting on the fence until now, you are surely at least tempted to get down off of it and give sweet potatoes another chance! We guarantee you will not regret it, they are not named sweet for no reason!

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