Smoke And Joke: How To Smoke Sausages At Your Home

The taste of smoked sausages is sure to bring up some heat during the cold winter season. You can make your own sausages, or buy fresh sausages at your local store, but the key to the great smoky flavor we all crave for is proper smoking.

If you have a smoker at your disposal, you simply need to read the following guide, and you will be able to make the most delicious smoked sausages you have ever tasted. From the recipe to the detailed explanation of the process- we have provided everything you need to know when it comes to how to smoke sausages at your home!

The Best Recipe For Kielbasa Rolls And Sausages

how to smoke sausage

Before you get down to business and start smoking the sausages, you first need to make sure the sausages you intend to smoke are up to the desired standard, and your personal taste of course. You can always buy fresh sausages, and we highly recommend fresh Italian sausage in casings for this purpose, but it is always better to make your own sausages.

Why? Well, the answer is quite simple- when you make your own sausages, you choose the ingredients on your own. This means that you can not only avoid the unhealthy ingredients such as monosodium glutamate or other harmful chemicals which are used to enhance the flavor but also choose the best chunks of fresh meat and spices you like and enjoy. You can make your sausages hot or not too; everything is up to you!

We have a great recipe for Polish Kielbasa Rolls or Sausages that are a perfect choice for smoking, especially if you are a beginner. These rolls and sausages can handle a few temperature fluctuations without drying out completely or losing their flavor which makes them ideal for the first-time smokers who are still learning the tricks of the art of smoking meat.

You Will Need:

● A quarter of a cup of ice-cold water
● Three roughly chopped garlic cloves
● One tablespoon of Kosher salt
● One tablespoon of paprika (hot or not)
● One teaspoon of black pepper (you can add less or more to best suit your taste)
● One teaspoon of sugar
● One teaspoon of dried marjoram
● One pound of ground beef
● One pound of ground pork
● Small bowl
● Large bowl
● Aluminum foil


● Stuffer
● Hog casings (make sure that you rinse them thoroughly at least three times and keep them refrigerated

The Preparation Process:

Take a small bowl and use it to mix the ice water with all the spices (salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, sugar, and marjoram). Set aside.

Now, use a large bowl to bring together the ground beef and pork. Add the spice mixture and use your hands to mix it all well and blend the ingredients.

Now that your kielbasa mixture is ready you have two options- you can form the rolls or the actual sausages. Although we recommend the latter option, sometimes it is hard to acquire all you need to form the sausages. Anyhow, in both cases, the flavor remains the same!

1. Forming The Kielbasa Rolls

You will need a 15 inches long sheet of aluminum foil. Start by laying the foil out. Next, form a 10 inches long, uniform log out of the kielbasa mixture. Lay the log on the foil and roll it up. Seal both ends well.

When smoking the kielbasa roll, you should place it directly on the cooking grate of your smoker and cook it in aluminum foil for half an hour at 250 degrees F. Then unwrap it, roll it over on the other side and smoke it for another 30 minutes. Finally, remove the foil and place the kielbasa directly on the cooking grate to smoke until it reaches the internal temperature of 165°F (it will take approx. two hours).

When done, transfer the kielbasa sausage roll on a plate cover with foil and leave it to rest for ten minutes before you slice, serve, and enjoy it.

2. Stuffing The Sausages

If you do not want to give up the classic sausage look, you will need to set a bit more time and stuff the kielbasa mixture into hog casings. Start by taking the casings out of the refrigerator and tying a strong knot at one side. Spray the stuffing funnel with some cooking spray and position the free end of the casing onto it. Make sure it is well centered. Push the remaining casing onto the funnel all the way up to the knot you have tied.

Now you can start forcing the kielbasa mixture into the stuffer and shaping the sausages. You can make them as thick as you like, but be careful not to overdo it as the casings can burst. When the whole casing is full, tie the knot on the other side as well and form links of the desired length by simply twisting the extruded sausage. Leave them refrigerated overnight so that all the spices can infuse the meat.

You are now ready for the final instructions on how to smoke sausages!

How To Smoke Sausages

how to smoke sausage

Whether you choose the quickest way to taste the glory of smoked sausages and simply buy a pack of fresh Italian sausages, or you choose to follow our recipe and make super-healthy polish kielbasa sausages on your own, you now need to smoke them until the outside is well browned, and all the tastes come bursting out!

To smoke two pounds of sausages of your choice, you will need a smoker, wood of choice (we use hickory or apple wood chunks) and three hours of your precious time. Maybe you think that it is too much, but as soon as you try your smoked sausages you will know that it is all worth it!

The Smoking Process:

1. Heat up your smoker to the temperature of 165°F. Use medium wood chunks. You can use fruit wood for a milder taste, or mesquite and hickory for a stronger flavor, it is up to you and your personal taste.
2. Place the sausages on the smoker’s cooking grate (racks) taking care that you leave at least half an inch of space between them so that the smoke can touch all the surfaces and the sausages can all have a uniform taste and color.
3. Smoke the sausages for at least three hours. Monitor the temperature and add wood when necessary but make sure that the temperature does not exceed 165 degrees F.
If the temperature is higher than the recommended one, the fat from the sausages will start to melt and drip out which will make the sausages dry and less tasty. Getting the temperature right is actually the most important part of the smoking process.
4. After three hours check the internal temperature of the sausages- ideally, it should be 160°F. If it is lower, leave the sausages in the smoker for some more time. Do not guess but rather use a high-quality meat thermometer!
5. Finally, when your smoked sausages are done, you need to cool them with cold water as to prevent them from shriveling and shrinking. You can place them in a bowl of cold water or place them in a sink and run cold water over them.

A couple of useful tips to ease the smoking process and guarantee success:

how to smoke sausage

● Make sure to take the weather forecast into account as the outside temperature is sure to influence the smoking process greatly. If your smoker is in direct sunlight on a fairly sunny day, the inside temperature will increase by approximately 10°F and you will need less wood or coal which will bring about some savings. If you are planning to smoke your sausages on a cool day, the situation will be quite the opposite, and you will need more wood.

● Do not overload the smoker with wood and coal and leave it, you have to monitor the temperature all the time and add the wood and coals as needed. First, you bring your smoker up to the desired temperature, and then simply keep an eye on the temp gauge dipping, and when it happens, add a few cold coals, wait until they catch fire, and continue looking over the temperature. The temperature should be consistent and drastic fluctuations have to be avoided.

● Do not open the smoker every few minutes as that will cause the loss of valuable heat. The temperature fluctuations are not good for your smoked sausages! Be patient, have a beer or lemonade- if you’re looking, you’re not cooking!


You are now well armed with knowledge on how to smoke sausages, go out and use it! Remember that you need to cook, fry or barbecue the smoked sausages as well! They combine great with sour cabbage, but a cold beer will be more than enough too!

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